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Main features

BS 1The placing boom SERMAC series BS have folding type "R" or "Z" with 4 sections. The equipment has a 1st section boom “separate” to ensure fast assembly on the job-site with rapid connections to connect hydraulic flexible hoses.
The placing booms BS are available with or without counterbalance in accordance with the job-site requirements and are supplied with the following:

  • Joint for continuous turret rotation
  • Speed joint of the under turret group to the bearing structure (turret or frame work column) with four fixing pivots which can be disassembled and two fix centring pivots
  • Concrete pipeline Ø 125 mm (5”)
  • Rubber end hose, standard length
  • Proportional radio remote control for the boom activation and proportional emergency radio remote control with maximum branching cable length 30 m
  • Climbing tower electro-hydraulic gear case with electric motor three phase (15 kW) utilizable by power 380V – 415V – 440V
  • Automatic anchoring system (mechanic) of 2nd section on 1st section
  • Working platform on 1st section for assembling and maintenance

Optional extras

  • Fixed base with log bolts
  • Double wall concrete pipeline with tempered core

Boom bearing structures

The range of stationary boom bearing structures is the following:

  • Assembly on climbing column: standard box plate column with square sections fixed with bolts on the moving base loaded with ballasts.
  • Assembly on fixed base: column assembled on a plinth loaded with ballast fixed to the soil with log bolts.
  • Assembly on reticular column: with a crane column internal or external to the construction (not directly supplied by SERMAC). If this assembly type is chosen, SERMAC will design and make an interface and adaptation.

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