The concrete pump Sirio 6RZ65-L has been designed using special steel with high resistance - for the entire structure of the boom - which combined with the latest manufacturing techniques has allowed to achieve an excellent ratio between the total weight and performance, without the use of composite materials. The Sirio 6RZ65-L is able to achieve record-breaking performance of weight, thanks to the extraordinary design of the office R&D SERMAC. The 6RZ65-L thanks to the distributor boom in 6 sections with "RZ" is ideal application in the yards of medium-large areas such as pumping at height as elevated roads and bridges or pumping in length as slabs, foundations and walls. The length of the boom over 64 m and the pipeline Ø 125 mm make the 6RZ65-L ideal for jobs which require larger flow of concrete and allows the positioning of the pump also the most difficult sites thanks to stabilization front and rear swing-out opening. The 6RZ65-L also combines a perfect assembly on truck 5 (or 6) axles with wheelbase 6.350 mm. Total mass on ground < 52 t. The pumping group S8 at open hydraulic circuit up to 150 m³/h concrete output and pressures till to 76 bar.


Main features

  • Pump made by high-yield tensile strength steel, FEM designed.
  • Execellent assembly on 5 - 6 axles chassis.
  • Total mass on ground < 52 - 53 t.
  • Front and rear outriggers "swing-out" opening. Separated operation controls on both side of the equipment. Position held by hydraulic check valves.
  • Boom 6 sections "RZ" folding type and pipeline Ø 125 mm (5").
  • Boom control by proportional distributor.
  • Valve S8 at high performances till 150 m³/h continuous, silent, regular pumping.
  • Concrete capacity adjuster at distance.

Standard dotation

  • Proportional radio remote control provided with double speed in boom moving, automatic free frequency research, manipulators with 8 positions and delivery capacity converter.
  • Membrane water pump 75 l/min, 30 bar.
  • Electric vibrator on hopper grid and push-button control panel at distance.
  • Plates for outrigger support and housing with safety lock.
  • Light projector on hopper.
  • Tool kit for cleaning and maintenance.

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