Corporate Social Responsibility

The "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) is the commitment of a company to behave in a socially and ethically correct, therefore the assumption of responsibility that goes beyond the laws and which include ethical purposes to the society, the environment and citizens around the World.

pmgThe transport is a value

SERMAC is pleased to participate in the Mobility Project Guarantee of the Municipality of Cesano Maderno (Milan), sponsored by the non-profit organization AUSER - Volunteer Cesano Maderno and PMG. The co-sponsorship of the new specific model Fiat Doblò allow AUSER to use the vehicle for transport dedicated to Seniors, Juniors or limiting disabilities people.

Truckshow & Truckrun Zwalm

The association "Hyppo and Friends" has organized the event "Truckshow & Truckrun" in the town of Zwalm (Belgium) with the aim to raise awareness and funds to benefit children suffering from diabetic issues.
The customer Declerq Stortbeton has participated in the initiative with all its fleet of concrete pumps SERMAC composed of models: 5Z36, 5Z42, 5RZ46, 5RZ51 and the largest 6RZ65.

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hippo & friends is op Facebook

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ambienteA way to be and to work

Not only in everybody's house but also in our company the awareness to the Environment respect must be part of the modus operandi, optimizing our activity's impact on the ecosystem. In SERMAC this is possible thanks to lots of working activities from the system machines production  (work wastes treat collected and delivered to certified firms, hydraulic saving and carbon dioxide emissions reduction (CO2) during the tests on our concrete pumps, etc...) to simple but very important gestures in the office work as for the reduction of the real need to print and use the paper.

The green logo WORLD CARE which is present at the end of our e-mails is the symbol of initiatives whose issue is to safeguard the Environment and the human health, through the unification of all the persons aware of the importance to build together a better future.