p1Dear Customer,

the cooperation between our departments S-Design and AFTER SALES SERVICE has demonstrated that through the periodic maintenance of the equipment with GENUINE SPARE PARTS SERMAC, is guaranteed an efficient use of the same and are considerably cut down the normal operating costs.

Based on these considerations, SERMAC has recently introduced a new line of top performing and abrasion resistant wear parts, with particular attention to the quality and control.

The new wear parts include:

Rubber pistons: made of more resistant material and of higher density.
Plate and wear ring: made of tungsten carbide inserts.
Pipes: made of chromo and tungsten carbide inserts with particular attention to the critical points of the pipeline, such as reductions, curves and pipes in turret.

Each single particular is checked and, after having passed our quality tests, is subsequently packed with its own barcode, in order to always check the relative traceability.

p2We remember You that the use of GENUINE SPARE PARTS, compared with NOT original spare parts, provides the following advantages:

Recognized warranty by parent company on the structural parts here original spare parts are mounted.
Use of suitable materials for the proper functioning of the equipment. SERMAC continuously invests in research and development of suitable and high performance materials for the pumping of concrete.
Assistance during the pre-order and post-order phase for purchased components.
Logistical and administrative support in case of purchase of genuine parts.
Lower operating costs and management arising from the use of genuine components.

Working Service Hours:

From Monday to Friday
From 08:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.; from 13:00 P.M. to 17:30 P.M.
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